We offer Employer of Record services for both short-term or long-term employment, including:

Attract and retain talent
We can help you to offer human resource services that enable you to recruit and retain the very best employees in today’s marketplace. Find, screen, and hire employees faster with our in-house recruitment services. We will help you to review your talent acquisition strategy, help you in posting jobs, source and evaluate candidates, and provide onboarding experiences for new hires.
Streamline Your Hiring Process
Post jobs online, manage applications and bring great employees on board.
Job Posting
We can help you to develop the job descriptions based on the local market and post them on a leading Jobsite
Talent Acquisition and Staffing Support
We can help you develop customized screening questions, review all resumes, conduct assessments, and present a shortlist of qualified candidates.
Candidate Selection
We can schedule interviews with hiring managers, and if needed, use our expertise in the interview process.
Background Screening
We can help you to hire a candidate with confidence and get the full picture of a candidate’s job history, qualifications, and experience using our background check services from the partners.
New-Hire Orientation
We can help you create your new-hire onboarding experience, and develop orientation materials specific to your business.

Performance Management
Effective performance management is essential to business and is critical to monitor the efficiency of the resources. To keep your team on track and help them reach their full potential with the performance management system. Dedicated employees stay longer. They are actively involved in the workplace and achieve better results.
Accelerate employee’s performance
Employee engagement and motivation
Performance Management helps the employee to boost their motivation since it gives opportunities to employees to receive applauds for their efforts. The employee gets more opportunities for job satisfaction and reaching achievements.
Better talent retention
Today’s world people are important to assess to any organization; employer looks for different ways to retain your staff. Having the opportunity to continuously work towards goals gives employees more autonomy and the ability to showcase their key areas, which gives them a reason to stick around.
Set clear expectations and objectives
Using SMART goals gives employees a clear set of objectives to work towards their goals. Your employees have a clear expectation when you set goals and defined expectations in advance for them.
Delivers greater employee autonomy
Once your employees are aware of the wider business’ objectives; then they are relatively free to make their own choices about how they go about their responsibilities. Employees will be happier, more committed, more productive, and more loyal because of the autonomy they have.
Better overall business performance
When employees are aware of their expectations and they are clear about the business goals they need to achieve; then they deliver better work and be more motivated to try new things and keep growing.

Any entrepreneur needs to minimize the time spend on payroll processing and other administrative activities that go along with it. Take advantage of the powerful combination of our expertise and technology to help you pay employees on time and accurately every pay period.
Ease of doing payroll
Cost savings
Payroll processing in-house means investing in computers, payroll or accounting software, and someone to handle the system. The cost for the firm is more than outsourcing payroll to the external firm.
Prioritizing core business
Payroll is unlikely to be a core function of any business. Because it is a non-core function, any time and resources that you devote to it mean less time you have to focus on growing your business.
Saving time
Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, your payroll processing demands significant time and energy. Processing payroll in-house means you or your staff may need to input extensive data and keep the data on time.
Expert access
Working with an external payroll service provider means you gain access to their years of expertise. This will help you if your company has multiple locations and need an expert who is familiar with all local rules and regulations.
Regulatory compliance The most intimidating task for small- to mid-sized businesses is complying with laws, regulations, and mandatory rules, especially when foreign governments are involved.

HR Compliance
Employment law is complex and ever-changing. Keeping up with the countless HR laws, regulations, and rules that apply to your business can cost you big time. Different countries have different laws to comply with. Handling critical issues like compliance, new hire paperwork, benefits, handbooks, and employer liability management for you.
Follow these principles to help achieve goals
Hiring the Right Talent
Right people for the right job are the biggest challenge for any human resource professional and keeping in mind that hiring the right talent within the HR function’s area of responsibilities such as compensation, benefits, legal requirements are one of the most important issues for organizations today.
Education and Training
The talent in the HR function must be well versed in employment law and the regulatory/legal requirements that can affect an organization at any time. The laws and requirements are changing all the time. The HR function needs to stay up-to-date with the latest information available.
Employee Handbook and Update it Regularly
An Employee Handbook is one of its most important documents. The Employee Handbook is a communications tool. Every organization should articulate its policies and procedures in the employee handbook and how business should be conducted. The organization is known for its employee handbook.
HR Compliance Audits
Many HR functions are typically understaffed and overworked. Ignoring compliance can be the basis for financial and reputational risks for organizations. Conducting regular HR compliance audits should be a part of an organization’s overall strategy to avoid any legal liabilities.
The HR function is a crucial part of an organization. Whether there are compliance issues or not, the HR leaders must keep other executives up to speed on potential HR compliance risks and recommended remediation.