Open House Training Program

Competency Mapping
This is practical program which help participants to identify competencies in their organization.
Balance Scorecard
We need to understand how to use scorecard in your organization, this workshop helps you do it.
Assessment Center
This will help participants to understand how assessment center works.
PMS & 360 Feedback
There are ways we can measure performance of an employee.
Behavioral Event Interview
Undertake an assignment from releasing an advertisement, scanning resumes, using assessment tools and interviewing eligible candidates.
Recruitment Analyst
Recruitment is an integral part of HR department and need to learn the process.

Corporate Training Program

Training Programs

- Communication & Interpersonal Skills
- Decision Making
- Empowerment / Delegation
- Goal Setting
- Impact Of Compensation on Business
- Implementing Change
- Leadership
- Managerial Effectiveness
- Memory Development
- Motivation
- Team Building
- Performance Appraisal Workshop
- Stress management
- Supporting Sales Effort
- Time Management
- Written Communication